Bournemouth Air Festival

Bournemouth Air Festival 29th – 31st August 2024

Bournemouth Air Festival is back for 2024 and will take place over 3 days from Thursday 29th August until the Saturday 31st August 2024.

The Bournemouth Air Festival is the UK’s largest FREE air festival and is held over a period of 3 days in 2024. Unfortunately this year the Red Arrows won’t be appearing because the team has other commitments with an international tour of Canada. Don’t worry though, there are still loads of other fantastic acrobatic displays and flight passes. On the ground there are fairground rides and other entertainment and exhibitions by the Army, RAF and Navy.

The Breitling Wing Walkers are always popular

The festival takes place on Bournemouth Beach right by the pier. Probably the best place to view is on the beach between Bournemouth and Boscombe or bring along a deckchair and make yourself comfortable along the East Overcliff Drive.

The 2024 dates are from 29th August – 31st August 2024

For more details and programme of events see the official website

As you can imagine the festival attracts plenty of visitors to Bournemouth, over 600,000 in 2023. Accommodation can fill up quickly and traffic and parking can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t arrive early.

Bournemouth Air Show Red Arrows Flight Times 2024

The Red Arrows will not be appearing at the Bournemouth Air Show in 2024 because they are on an international tour in Canada.

More info can be found at

Photos of Bournemouth Beach east during the Air Festival - it can get quite crowded if the weather is good
View from Bournemouth Pier looking east towards Boscombe. The beaches can great quite crowded during the festival.
Bournemouth west beach during the Bournemouth Air Festival
View from the pier looking west.
People on Bournemouth Pier watching the air displays
If you want to watch the air displays from the pier then best to get there early. If you have some binoculars then bring them along.
Each year, due to safety reasons, the aircraft are doing their acrobatics a bit further out over the sea. If you want to get some close up photos you’ll have to use a telephoto lens.
Wing walkers in action
The Red Arrows
The Red Arrows
The Red Arrows at Bournemouth Air Festival
The Red Arrows
Red Arrows
Red Arrows

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