Shaftesbury is a market town with an interesting history going back to the Saxon times. The town is located in North Dorset close to the border with Wiltshire and is around 25 miles north of Blandford Forum and 20 miles west of Salisbury.

Looking down Gold Hill

Shaftesbury is the home of Gold Hill (made famous by the “Hovis” advert). Gold Hill is a steep cobbled street lined with lovely cottages. The view looking down from the top of the street over the magnificent Blackmore Vale countryside has been described as “one of the most romantic sights in England” – well by Shaftesbury Tourism anyway but they may just be right 🙂

Town map and tourist information sign.
Useful street map located next to the Town Hall at the top of Gold Hill.
Tourist information sign located near to the Gold Hill Museum The museum is FREE to enter although donations are welcome.
Gold Hill
One of the cottages on Gold Hill.
A view looking up Gold Hill.
St Peter’s Church is at the top of Gold Hill.
Gold Hill street sign
The Town Hall is on the High Street and also directly at the top of Gold Hill. St. Peter’s Church is just to the left. Either one of the small alleys at the side of the Town Hall leads you to Gold Hill.
Holy Trinity Church next to the crumbling remains of Shaftesbury Abbey. The church was built in 1842 but made redundant in 1974 due to falling congregations. It has now been converted to a multiple use Trinity Centre – for the Scouts and as a day care centre and other community uses.
Shaftesbury Abbey Museum and Gardens
Next to St Peter’s Church in the High Street is The Mitre pub which does good food and also has a seated area out the back which great views of the rolling Blackmore Vale countryside.
A giant plastic loaf of Hovis bread.

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